Savor Brands Research Project Discovers Four Food Industry Trends

A Savor Brands research project pulled from 1.1 million publically available food industry related discussions. The results found that top conversations within the food industry focused primarily on ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle, meal ideas, recipes, or spicing up traditional foods.

Furthermore, we uncovered four key takeaways:

1. Individuals perceive health and food as interrelated subjects. Individuals are concerned about maintaining a healthy diet, seeking advice on what foods they should and shouldn’t eat, and looking for healthy recipe suggestions.

However, it is important to note that individuals do not want to sacrifice convenience or flavor as a result of being healthy. They are seeking quick, easy and flavorful recipes for the family.

2. People want to try more adventurous food. Researched conversations found people describing traditional food as boring. Individuals also spoke about trying bold flavors and bringing non-traditional food items to gatherings.

For example, some people described Friendsgiving as the perfect opportunity to test non-traditional food items, such as turkey sliders rather than a traditional roasted turkey.

3. Food transparency is necessary. Individuals in the report praised the need for GMO labeling and continued refinement of organic standards. With several foodborne illnesses garnering media attention, such as recent recalls, more individuals may start paying greater attention to where their food is coming from.

4. People are concerned about their health. While people reported concerns for managing illnesses with a healthy diet and serving guests with food allergies or illnesses, the highest emotional concern was eating a healthy, balanced diet.

Individuals are interested in understanding how they can improve their diet and eat foods to improve their health and also their family members’ health.

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