Bonduelle is a French family-run company and is the world’s undisputed leader of processed vegetables. Founded in 1853 by Louis Bonduelle, the brand is now present in over 80 countries. In Europe, North America, and throughout the world, the Bonduelle brand has been identified as a producer of high-quality vegetables, available in all their forms and produced using a number of different technologies.

Bonduelle is driven by the desire to provide the highest quality frozen vegetables to its clients and consumers by ensuring that it satisfies its customers’ needs, masters food safety processes, and proposes innovation. At Bonduelle, all vegetables are frozen immediately after harvest, when they are at the peak of freshness, taste, color and nutrients, ensuring quality all year long. Bonduelle oversees all stages of life of the vegetables; constant attention is paid to seeding plans, follow-up on cultivation, and checking of the crops to ensure fresh and flavorful vegetables for you.
Savor Brands welcomes you to craft a dish with Bonduelle’s Frozen Gourmet Vegetables.


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Artichoke Heart, Quarters6-2 Pound595485
Artichoke, Bottoms4-5.5 Pound594802
Asparagus Spears10-500 Gram599543
Butternut Squash1-20 Pound597482
Carrot, Parisian6-2 Pound595487
Carrots, Natural Whole4-2 Kilogram594809
Corn, Peach N’ Cream4-2 Kilogram594804
Eggplant, Grilled7-1 Kilogram595482
Green Beans, Whole Haricot Vert10-35 Ounce594801
Green Beans, Whole Haricot Vert4-2 Kilogram594805
Peas, Petite4-2 Kilogram594808
Vegetable Blend, California Supreme4-2 Kilogram594807
Vegetable Blend, Mediterranean4-2.5 Kilogram594798
Vegetable Blend, Prince Edward Medley4-2 Kilogram594806
Vegetable Blend, Seven Bean Salad4-2 Kilogram594841
Zucchini, Grilled7-1 Kilogram595486
Potato Gratin4-2.5 Kilogram594810
Vegetable Blend, Montego Blend1-30 Pound623921
Wax Beans, Extra Fine10-1 Kilogram594811