The World is Your Pantry.

 Savor Brands offers Chefs and the Chain Accounts Research & Development department a ready source for the latest trends in imported foods. We search the world to find the highest quality products that enable Chefs to create foods that inspire their customers’ sense of taste.

Independent Operators

We can assist you in making your menu unique and better! For more information about the Savor offering, please contact your distributor sales rep or e-mail: info@savorbrandsinc.com.

Multi-Unit Accounts

It is all about our capabilities:

  • We carry top quality products
  • We have great breadth of offering
  • We make it easy for your approved distributors to source product and that drives compliance and consistency at your units.

If you would like more information, please e-mail karen.keown@savorbrandsinc.com.

We value high quality over cost.

Before selecting any vendor we insist on diligent product testing to ensure the level of quality of their products. The Food Modernization Act is changing the rules regarding importing and for good reasons. Savor Brands was fortunate that we started our business shortly after FSMA was enacted. So, we had the opportunity to create our vendor quality assurance plan in accordance with current and the most likely future regulations. Savor requires SQF or BRC certification for all vendors’ plants. Savor Brands maintains an extensive supplier database to ensure the most current certificates and documents are on file.

Our goal at Savor Brands is to provide our customers with products that consistently meet or exceed their needs and expectations. To achieve a high standard of quality, we require our vendors to:

  • Provide the proper evidence of their quality process
  • Complete a Vendor Quality Systems questionnaire and audit
  • Provide proper item documentation such as: an allergen statement, GMO statement, kosher certifications, nutritional information, and product specifications, if applicable for all products

More than a “me too” importer.

Outside of our Savor branded products, we carry the leading imported, high quality brands that share our values to exceed customer expectations. We take pride in where we source products. In fact, we spend a lot of time determining whom and where we source a product and from, often visiting numerous plants and countries before adding a new category or item. This assures the best possible product at the best cost.