Get the Savor Brands Advantage.

 Our competitive advantage is all about our partnership with Dot Foods. Most specialty and gourmet importers are faced with the fact that distribution is one of their highest costs. At Savor Brands, our relationship with Dot means we don’t face this challenge. We can offer higher-quality products and still be less expensive to the distributor and restaurant/operator.

Distributors get these unbeatable advantages.

 For over 50 years distributors have come to rely on Dot Foods for high quality products and unequaled service. As Dot’s exclusive broad line importer, you can be assured you’ll get products and service you can count. on

  • 2 -4 day lead time to our distributor partners
  • No item minimum
  • Consolidated delivery with your normal Dot order
  • Our products never leave Dot’s warehouse, assuring total control of the product integrity
  • Ability to increase inventory turns on a high-dollar  category and invest less in inventory
  • Lower product cost
  • Direct ship to operator capability on behalf of the distributor
  • We break cases and can send individual inner pack quantity
  • Product and brand differentiation in the marketplace

Distributor Sales Reps get these important benefits, too.

  • Not having to say “no” to a customer request or inquiry
  • Expanded sales opportunities, penetrating new customers
  • Offer better price points for specialty gourmet items
  • Ability to offer new, innovative items to current customers/chef
  • Reliable order execution with direct ship capabilities

Quality products with service to match.

Dot Foods drives the quality of our service. Because Dot owns its own warehousing system of 10 distribution centers strategically located through out the United States, Savor products can reach your customers any time with fill rates of more that 98.5 percent on all orders. Savor maintains a 60-day inventory on almost all our items. Best of all, our products are always in Dot’s possession to ensure their quality and integrity.

Sourcing through Dot on Demand

Savor products are also available through the Dot on Demand program. With Dot on Demand your sales reps can avoid turning down orders when one of our products isn’t stocked at your facility by connecting them directly to Dot’s warehouse. Dot on Demand will even help you manage your overall inventory more efficiently, increase turns, and reduce lead times with frequent, and even overnight, deliveries. Ask your Dot Sales Representative for full details on Dot on Demand.

Ready to Order? It’s easy using the Dot Expressway.