About Us

Welcome to Savor Brands

Savor Brands provides you the best opportunity to meet the growing popularity of specialty, ethnic and gourmet imported food products. Through the breadth of our offerings and the quality of our products, we enable Chefs to create foods that inspire their customers.

The specialty food industry has been plagued with an inefficient supply chain; resulting in a very high cost of goods, long lead times to market and inadequate service levels to customers. Savor Brands solved these issues by partnering with Dot Foods. So, while other importers try to offset cost pressures associated with the supply chain by lowering the quality of the products they offer, Savor buys the best quality products and still preserves cost savings for the operator.

Through Dot’s 4,000+ foodservice distributor and retail wholesale customers, Savor products are available to 99 percent of all foodservice operators in the United States. This provides distributors and ultimately chefs with nearly instant access to ingredients from around the world regardless of how much or how little they need, all at the lowest cost possible.

Our goal is to make the entire world a pantry for chefs.

Savor Brands is focused on how to best service our distributor customers and the chefs they serve with the finest products and best cost-to-value proposition in the marketplace. Today we source over 500 items from 32 countries on every continent, including both brand name products and our own branded products:

  • Pan Chi – Oriental foods
  • LaBranza – Mexican foods
  • Carello – Italian foods